“Spring Cleaning” Your Dog Training

Spring is here and for many of us that signals the start of fun spring and summer activities. More time outside in the yard or on walks, more time going on adventures with our dogs, more picnics and backyard hangouts with friends and family and our dogs. More of these activities often results in addingContinue reading ““Spring Cleaning” Your Dog Training”

Boo! Helping Our Pets Prepare for Spooky Season

Halloween decorations, costumes, and candy make for a fun fall experience! Well, at least fun for us humans – it can be a different story for our pets. Whether it’s navigating neighborhood walks with spooky lawn décor or preparing for trick-or-treating without a door-dashing dog, here are some tips for keeping the Halloween season funContinue reading “Boo! Helping Our Pets Prepare for Spooky Season”

The Wide World of Training Terminology

Have you ever started reading a dog training article, encountered a lot of terminology you hadn’t heard before, and felt a bit lost? You aren’t alone! The world of dog training is full of words and shorthand that can seem like another language at first, and can make it feel harder to get the informationContinue reading “The Wide World of Training Terminology”