Cat Behavior & Training

It’s True – Cats Benefit from Training Too!

We often think of training as being just for dogs, but there are lots of benefits to consulting with a trainer for your cat!

Whether you have a new kitten who is a ball of energy, an adult cat showing behavior issues, or have multiple pets that are struggling to get along, Rover Rehab’s Cat Behavior & Training services can help.

Let us teach you how to handle kitten biting and scratching to keep playtime fun. We offer solutions for cats who use furniture as scratching posts or have problems using the litterbox. Get help with cats who are fearful or nervous around people, or let us assist with creating harmony in a home with multiple pets. We can even get into the fun world of trick training for your cats and teach them to give high fives, get into their pet carrier on cue, and more!

All of our cat training programs are built around force-free positive reinforcement methods, which means we will never use techniques that will scare or intimidate your pet. During all cat programs you’ll receive customized training exercises and management recommendations to help you start seeing changes in your cat quickly. Book your consultation below to get started with your customized feline training program!

Start with a Virtual Consultation

All training plans for cats begin with a 75-minute virtual consultation. We will discuss any current training or behavior issues and you will receive immediate guidance on management and improving the issues. After the consultation you will have access to personalized notes and resources and we can book any ongoing training as needed. Many cat training and behavior issues can be covered in just a few sessions!

Consultation Investment: $145

Virtual Training Options for Cats

Virtual cat training is an effective and low-stress option for our feline friends! Many cats are wary or uncomfortable when unfamiliar people come to their home, so training virtually allows us to see your cat’s true normal behavior and make more accurate assessments about what training and management exercises will be best for them. Less stress for our cats means more successful learning!

Single Virtual Sessions – $115 per 60 minute session

Single virtual sessions are a good choice for cats who need a bit of extra guidance but are not showing more complex behavior issues. Single sessions may be a good fit for cats with the following training needs:

  • Litterbox issues – teaching new kittens how to use a litterbox, adult cats who are not using a litterbox appropriately
  • Kitten biting and scratching
  • Adult cats scratching furniture or carpets
  • Feline enrichment plans to support overall wellness
  • Introducing trick training

Package of 3 Virtual Sessions – $330

This 3-session training package is a good fit for cats with more involved training or behavior needs! Multiple packages can be booked if needed for complex issues. Package sessions can be used to address:

  • Cats who are fearful or nervous around family members or guests
  • Cooperative care – helping cats feel more comfortable during veterinary visits and grooming
  • Integrating a new cat into the home, with or without other pets*
  • Resolving issues between multiple cats or between cats and dogs in the same home*

*May require multiple packages

Rover Rehab’s virtual training for cats is available no matter where you are located!

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