Tackling Family Gatherings with Pets

The holiday season is upon us, which for many pet guardians means time spent at gatherings with family and friends. Whether you are heading to someone else’s house or hosting at your home, there are some unique challenges that can come along with the holiday season when we have pets! Do we bring our dogsContinue reading “Tackling Family Gatherings with Pets”

Rover Rehab Holiday Gift Guide 2021

ThinkSmart Snuffle Mats – snuffle mats and pet bandanas available in a variety of fun color combinations! Snuffle mats are an excellent enrichment option and make for a fun mealtime or training activity. And as an added bonus, 20% of proceeds from ThinkSmart snuffle mats are donated to a CO dog rescue! Woman-owned, handmade inContinue reading “Rover Rehab Holiday Gift Guide 2021”

Boo! Helping Our Pets Prepare for Spooky Season

Halloween decorations, costumes, and candy make for a fun fall experience! Well, at least fun for us humans – it can be a different story for our pets. Whether it’s navigating neighborhood walks with spooky lawn d├ęcor or preparing for trick-or-treating without a door-dashing dog, here are some tips for keeping the Halloween season funContinue reading “Boo! Helping Our Pets Prepare for Spooky Season”

The Wide World of Training Terminology

Have you ever started reading a dog training article, encountered a lot of terminology you hadn’t heard before, and felt a bit lost? You aren’t alone! The world of dog training is full of words and shorthand that can seem like another language at first, and can make it feel harder to get the informationContinue reading “The Wide World of Training Terminology”

Why We Love Virtual Dog Training

Virtual dog training comes with a lot of perks, which is why Rover Rehab offers a variety of virtual and hybrid training options! Working virtually allows your trainer to provide you with customized coaching and a personalized approach for teaching manners, resolving behavior problems, preparing for a new pet, and more. Virtual training is effective,Continue reading “Why We Love Virtual Dog Training”