Adult Dog Manners Training

A brown and black dog sits on a white and blue rectangular dog bed. The dog is looking up at the camera with its mouth slightly open.
Jumping on visitors, pulling on leash, barking at the window…

…sound familiar? We hear these concerns all the time, so if these are problems you’re having then you’re in the right place! Whether your dog is an energetic adolescent or a mature adult, our manners training programs can help you meet your goals at home and out on the town.

Private positive reinforcement training with Rover Rehab means you’ll get one-on-one coaching during every single session – and our sessions are always tailored to you and your dog’s specific needs!

Rover Rehab can help you get the most out of life with your adult dog. Our customizable Adult Dog programs include a variety of skills – brushing up on obedience, greeting guests appropriately, staying relaxed on a bed while you are preparing food or eating dinner, walking politely on leash, and more.

If you have an adult dog who has been to obedience class but needs a refresher course, or one who hasn’t been to training before and needs helps with manners then Rover Rehab’s Adult Dog programs are for you!

Start with a Virtual Consultation

All training plans begin with a 75-minute virtual consultation. We will dig into your training goals, introduce management tips to give you some relief right away, and begin some foundation training to get you started. After the consultation you will receive curated notes and resources and we can book ongoing training through a virtual or hybrid program depending on your location and needs.

Consultation Investment: $145

Lyz is SO good at what she does. She is friendly and professional – this trainer knows her stuff. Meeting virtually went very well and she carefully understood the complexities of our concerns and issues.”

– Helena W.

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Lyz and her results are real and effective. We were dealing with some behavioral problems with our dog and Lyz zeroed in on a plan that was successful and fun for us and our dog.”

– Chris K.

Once you have completed your consultation, Rover Rehab offers a variety of training packages with customized content to suit your training needs. In addition to the packages below we are also happy to create a training option tailor-made just for you!

Virtual Program

Manners & Lifestyle Package – $775

Brush up on manners and learn new obedience cues from the comfort of home! Virtual meetings start twice a week to set you up for success at home, then continue with once-weekly virtual coaching to build on your dog’s skills and give you time to practice at home.

What’s Included in Manners & Lifestyle

This six-week virtual Manners & Lifestyle Package is customized with training activities to help you meet your training goals at home and on the road. We can cover basic obedience skills like sit, down, and coming when called, help your dog walk more politely on leash, and learn to make good choices while you go about your daily routine at home and around town.

  • Six weeks of customized virtual training with skills and resources chosen just for you and your dog
  • Week 1 includes one 30-minute session and one 60-minute session
  • Weeks 2-6 include one 60-minute session per week
  • Access to a Dropbox folder with curated notes & resources just for you and your dog
  • A Training Starter Pack complete with a treat pouch, clicker, enrichment toy, and treats

Hybrid Program

Lifestyle Skills Hybrid Package – $900

Take your dog’s at-home training to the next level with this hybrid package! The Lifestyle Skills package starts with virtual training sessions. Then we incorporate in-person training sessions to practice those skills in the real world.

What’s Included in the Lifestyle Skills Hybrid

This package is customized to give you and your dog the foundation skills necessary for success with meeting your training goals. We can improve your dog’s focus, strengthen obedience cues, address household manners, introduce polite leash walking and guest greeting and more.

  • Two 30-minute virtual sessions per week for the first two weeks to introduce foundation skills
  • One 60-minute in-person session for the next four weeks to practice your foundation skills in real-world settings
  • Weekly virtual check-in sessions after each in-person training meeting
  • Access to a Dropbox folder with curated notes & resources just for you and your dog
  • A Training Starter Pack complete with a treat pouch, clicker, enrichment toy, and treats

*If your dog exhibits fear or reactivity towards people, visit our Behavior Consulting page or contact us for a custom package!*

Virtual Programs are available for clients anywhere in the U.S. or Canada! Hybrid Training Programs will be available beginning August 2022 (location pending).

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