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Lyz Knight – CPDT-KA, FFCP

Lyz and her rescue dogs, Molly and Buck

Lyz is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Fear Free Certified Professional who has been working with dogs and their people since 2016. She has a bachelor’s degree in education and psychology from Mount Holyoke College and is currently completing her graduate degree in companion animal behavior. Lyz became interested in training after adopting her first rescue dog Molly in 2014 when she connected with a trainer to help Molly with some reactive behaviors towards people and other dogs. This introduction to the training world was through “balanced” training, or training that utilized both rewards for behaviors the trainer liked and corrections for ones they didn’t. As Lyz learned more about animal behavior and modern humane training methods, she ditched the correction-based training and switched to positive reinforcement and fear-free training. She founded Rover Rehab at the beginning of 2020 and has been helping pets and their people in New Jersey and across the country ever since!

Lyz is a member of the Pet Professional Guild, the Association for Professional Dog Trainers, the Animal Behavior Management Alliance, and is a supporting member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. She is passionate about fear-free, force-free training and especially loves working with puppies and with guardians of nervous dogs to help them transition away from using corrections and see their dogs blossom into confident, comfortable pups. Lyz lives in New Jersey with her wife Megan, their dogs Molly and Buck, and their cat Minerva.

Training Philosophy

Owner and trainer Lyz Knight stands in a large field with two dogs. Both dogs are looking up at her and she is giving them treats.

Lyz is a Fear Free Certified Professional trainer who is committed to humane, force-free training methods. This means that her training programs are all centered on positive reinforcement and she will never use tools or training techniques that will hurt or intimidate your pet! Lyz regularly attends conferences and workshops to make sure she has the most up-to-date information to pass along to her clients. Lyz enjoys helping companion pets live their happiest and most successful lives with their guardians, and always treats both humans and pets with kindness and respect!

The reward-based, ethical training methods that Lyz uses are proven to be effective for training new skills and treating a variety of behaviors. Adhering to this type of training means that Lyz must have a strong working knowledge of multiple training techniques as well as an understanding of how to implement the most appropriate techniques for each individual case. She also understands how animal wellness and the environment can influence training and behavior and will work with you to help your pet learn in the most supportive conditions possible.

Positive reinforcement training is the only training method recommended by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior as well as multiple dog training certifying bodies. As a Fear Free Professional and member of the Pet Professional Guild, Lyz is committed to using humane, science-based, force-free training methods.

Meet the Rover Rehab Pets


Molly is a 9 year old German Shepherd/hound mix who was adopted in 2014. She came into Lyz’s home with a lot of big feelings about people and other dogs, and would bark, growl, and lunge any time she was uncomfortable. Working with Molly was what inspired Lyz to pursue her training certification and help other pet guardians with their dogs! Nowadays the Rover Rehab client teams will often see Molly showing off her skills during virtual training demonstrations or when she accompanies Lyz to help out during in-person sessions. Molly enjoys training games and tricks (she has her AKC Novice Trick Dog Title!), eating snacks, and spending time with her favorite human friends.


Buck is an 11 year old American Bulldog-pitbull mix who was adopted in 2018 after his original owner passed away. Lyz and her wife Megan worked through a methodical protocol to introduce Buck to a household with resident pets already living there and that hard work paid off – all three of the Rover Rehab pets coexist harmoniously and enjoy spending time together! Buck has learned so many new things since 2018 and is proof that old dogs can learn new tricks. He loves making new friends (both human and animal), his favorite adventures are anywhere he can go in a car, and some of his favorite activities are shredding stuffed toys, convincing humans to share snacks, and napping with his moms.


Minerva is the resident feline in the Rover Rehab house! She is a silly and sweet chocolate tabby who was adopted from a rural shelter in Kentucky in 2017 and has been amusing her humans and guests with her antics ever since. Minerva is an integrated part of the Rover Rehab pet family and can regularly be found curled up near one of the dogs or waiting at her treat station during meals and training time. She is also harness trained (so that she can safely explore the outdoors) and clicker trained – she’s learned a few tricks that are both fun and practical! Minerva’s favorite pastimes include napping in cardboard boxes, birdwatching, requesting pets by tapping an arm with her paw, and playing with toys.

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