The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Dog Friendly Vacation

I recently had the chance to collaborate on a blog with Liz from High Tail Hikes and we took the opportunity to put together a guide for dog-friendly vacation and travel!

If you are planning a day trip or a multi-day adventure with your pup we have lots of tips and info for you. We cover preparing for your tip (including a packing list), how to find dog-friendly lodging, what pre-travel training might come in handy, and a variety of tips and tricks for enjoying a fun and stress-free vacation with your dog. You can check out the guide over on the High Tail Hikes blog here!

Liz and I also did a fun and informative Instagram Live together where we chatted about all things travel with dogs, which you can watch here.

And did you know that there is a lot we can do during training to prepare for a dog friendly vacation! Whether it’s building your pup’s confidence in new places, getting them comfortable in a pet carrier, or preparing for hotel or camping stays, Rover Rehab can help you feel ready for vacay. Book your consultation today or send us a message to see how we can best prepare you and your pup for adventures together!

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