German Shorthaired Pointer dog puppy walking next to and looking up at a person

Effective & Ethical Pet Training with Rover Rehab

Let us help you and your pet live in happy harmony together!

Fear Free, Positive Reinforcement Dog Training and Behavior Consulting for Dogs and Cats


How We Can Help

We specialize in convenient and effective live virtual training programs as well as in-person training and on-demand learning! We love working with dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds as well as with cats.

Two dogs sitting next to each other on a wooden deck and looking up at the camera

Puppy & New Dog Training Solutions

Bringing home a new pup is an exciting time! Let us get you started on the right paw with our customized training programs designed specifically for puppies and new dogs.

  • Puppy socialization
  • Potty training
  • Puppy biting & nipping
  • Introduction to leash walking and household manners

Beagle dog laying down on a blue mat

Manners & Lifestyle Skills Training for Adult Dogs

We help your adult dogs become well-mannered members of your family both at home and out in the world. Whether your dog is a young adult, a senior, or in between we can assist!

  • Polite leash walking
  • Greeting guests appropriately
  • Relaxing during human meals
  • Coming when called
  • Brushing up on obedience

Behavior Consulting Services for Dogs

Let us help you enjoy life with your pup again! We specialize in working with fearful, nervous, and anxious dogs as well as dog-dog leash reactivity while on walks.

Cat Behavior & Training Services

Rover Rehab also offers customized training and behavior help for your feline friends! If you are struggling with cats who bite and scratch, are dealing with litterbox issues, or are having trouble living in a home with multiple pets then our Cat Behavior & Training services are for you.

  • Kitten biting and scratching
  • Litterbox issues
  • Scratching furniture or carpets
  • Feline enrichment plans
  • Fearful or nervous cats
  • Introducing new cats to your home

Lyz and her dog Molly practicing their "peekaboo" cue

Why Rover Rehab?

We are dedicated to using modern and effective training methods to help YOU live your best life with your pet. Rover Rehab works as a team with you and your pet to empower you with COMMUNICATION, COOPERATION, and CONNECTION during training and life with your pet.

Rover Rehab trainer Lyz was a pet parent before she became a trainer, so she has literally been in your shoes when it comes to feeling the frustration of dealing with training and behavior issues. Her experience with her own dogs and cat coupled with her expertise as a certified trainer allows Lyz to approach your training needs with empathy and compassion as well as professional knowledge. Every Rover Rehab training program is built on a foundation of teaching and strengthening positive, appropriate behaviors, without the use of force or fear.

“Not only is our dog getting all of the training and enrichment she needs, but we have also gotten the support and encouragement we didn’t know we needed in our dog parenthood journey. We can’t recommend Lyz enough!”

– Mary & Jim

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